I finally got my Zaza slider put together. I was worried about drilling a straight hole, so I asked my neighbor, who is a mechanic, to use his drill press. He even tapped the holes for me! My wife baked him cupcakes in return.

If you have a drill, vice, and tools, but never tapped a hole, just do a search on YouTube and there are lots of tutorials. I just didn't want to buy those tools to use them 1 time.

I didn't see enough detailed photos of a completed DIY slider, so I figured I would put this together since there are a lot of video examples of what it can do. Hope this helps!

$025.00 Filmtools 4" Riser
$103.38 Igus WS-16-60 Drylin 'W' rail 1000mm
$054.65 Igus WW-16-60-10 Drylin 'W' carriage
$124.90 Manfrotto 701HDV Pro Fluid Head (I didn't have a video head since I'm a photographer)
$011.00 5 bolts and the nylon spacers from Lowes
$032.00 Manfrotto RC2 Compact Rapid Connect Adapter w/3157N Plate
$350.93 Total

I already owned a Manfrotto 458B Tripod

I wanted to use the RC2 release plate since all my other heads have them.
It allows me to easily switch from the slider to my Steadicam Merlin (which I received a 2 days earlier). Still learning how to fly that thing.

If I was to do it again, I'd probably buy a shorter rail but it is so inexpensive, I could just buy a rail and use the carriage I have now.

For more details to make your own, visit:

Music: Slide by Dido

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