Immersive / Interactive / Theatre

at The Island, Bridewell Street, Bristol
Monday 19th - Sunday 25th May [various times]

[£8/£6] ON THE DOOR

ONLINE TICKETS [£8.60 / £6.60]

Market Research consultant Simon Wilkinson and his intern Liyuwerk have been commissioned by LDD Research Group to run focus groups with members of the public to re-think, re-brand and re-launch the Ten Commandments for the 21st Century.

It’s approximately 3500 years since Charlton Heston came down from the mount carrying the iconic stone tablets carved with the original Ten Commandments; 3500 is a very long time, things have changed – drastically - since that time, we’ve evolved (or some might say we’ve done precisely the opposite). None the less, the world has changed and the Ten Commandments now represent a moral dictate relevant to a time which no longer exists, they need updating.

Ten members of the public at a time are asked to listen to real life stories of moral ambiguity, to debate the issues and come up with ten new commandments more suitable to the times in which we live. Discussing the morality of love, sexuality, death, society, belief, the environment and other facets of human life on planet Earth, this satirical piece explores 21st century ethical uncertainties and moral ambiguities toward unearthing a new morality.

The 90 minute focus group session is not the whole story however. Who are the mysterious clients, the LDD Research Group? And what is their real motivation?

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