Shortlisted for Paperchase & London College of Communications 'Greetings' live brief;
Peace, Unity, Love & having Fun is an interactive display that carries a positive and universal message that speaks for all social groups, ethnicities, and ages transcending all borders. Coined by the Hip Hop pioneer Afrika Bambaataa (Kevin Donovan), it welcomes anyone from any walk of life into the culture.

Walking past the display animates the design, individually fading words while providing a new perspective of the message as a whole. The display combines the pre-cinema technique Ombro and LED lights forming a retail space installation piece that is fun and creative.


It is now up to the public to vote for the winner. If you enjoyed my work, please vote for me in the link below.
This will greatly benefit my studies as I will be taking a year out in the industry (as part of my course) and therefore will be needing to fund my self.

Currently exhibited at the Paperchase Flagship Store in London.
LCC (London College of Communication)
UAL (University Arts London)
GMD Graphic Media Design BA

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