Assignment 5 - Short montage of shots to music

Goal: To become familiar with shooting and editing for a purpose, cutting shots to music, creating and using text, and uploading to YouTube or Vimeo. The finished video will be approximately 45 seconds to 2 minutes long depending on the music.

Preferably choose a piece of music that you want to edit to before you shoot. This will give you a sense of the type of shots and shooting style that would be appropriate for the music. Music must be copyright free. You can use music from Creative Commons sites as long as they allow you the rights to use the music in your video.

Shoot for a while getting a variety of interesting shots with wide shots, medium, and close ups. These should be shot to fit the style of music you will be cutting them to. You cannot use one single shot for the video. You will edit several shots to the music, depending on the pacing of the music, but anticipate that each edited shot will probably only last 2 to 4 seconds. The goal is to create a video where the music and the visuals go together, and the editing of the shots fits the timing of the music.

The video should begin with a fade up from black. The video must fade to black at the end with the music. After the video fades to black, include a title with proper attribution for the music. This usually includes the website and piece of music used, but you must check the website for how you give proper attribution.

Grading Criteria: Shows basic shooting and camera operation skills. Indicates a basic understanding of selecting shots to go with the music. Indicates basic editing skills. Follows instructions of assignment.

Deliverable: To be uploaded to YouTube or Vimeo. You can find the preferred settings to use by by checking the export suggestions on either YouTube or Vimeo's websites. The video does not have to be Public, but I do need to be able to open the link. You may have to make your video Unlisted (YouTube) or Password protected (Vimeo). Submit the link (and password for Vimeo) through Canvas.

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