BCNET Conference 2014
Data Governance Beyond the Border

The Emperor’s Clothes have been stripped off, and recent attention to secretive data sharing has raised concern that complying with Canada’s access and privacy laws is more complicated than we ever expected. It’s more important than ever to understand how hidden laws and processes affect our ability to comply with Canada’s privacy, access to information, and anti-spam laws.

In the face of this new reality, what changes will you have to make to ensure the programs, processes and systems in your organization comply with Canada’s privacy, access to information and anti spam laws?

Organizations now rely on electronic communications and data storage that increasingly involves the cloud and cross-border data flows. Complying with Canadian access and privacy laws is complicated by international laws and agreements that affect whether, where, and how data is transmitted, stored and shared.

This session will help attendees gain a solid understanding of:
- Risks to data in the cloud: Is it private, protected, or accessible — and for whom?
- Key features of foreign laws and agreements that affect data protection compliance
- How privacy of Canadian data is affected by international data flows
- Impacts on data privacy compliance from current and pending Canadian and international laws, agreements and treaties
- Operational strategies to comply with privacy and related laws, and facilitate business as usual
- Recent security breaches
- Incident response preparation strategies

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