After releasing two short web clips together, Fabian Kluhs and the shizofanatic crew decided it was time for an bigger project and started to make plans for an feature length movie in 2011.

But the first hype got destroyed pretty quick as it turned out harder than expected to find sponsors and supporters for the project. Between its bigger brothers snowboarding and mountain biking most people smiled at the SMX and didn`t give it the recognition needed. Over the years the crew kept shooting from time to time and never lost faith to find the right moment to realize their ambitious film project. But with no budget available and no prospective deals in the future everyone realized it was time to draw a line.

So in 2014 the crew decided to gather all the existing, unreleased footage and make an pared-down indie version of the originally planned film. Not as highly polished, but double the fun and definitely not the last thing you will see from shizofanatic!

Everyone involved put a lot of work, time, money and passion into this short-film. If you like what you see please support us and share "UNDEAD" all over the web!

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