An edit welcoming Pro Rider Jason Plourde to the Reklamation Bikes Team.

Reklamation Bikes Sponsored Pro Jason Plourde

"I am 28 years old and have been riding for 13 years. I believe that every move has a purpose and should lead to the improvement of the self. In this way, we are bound to succeed in achieving our dream. Flatland is the tao to expressing my true self and to reach people around me. The purpose of this hard work is to bring flatland to a level that only the crazy dedicated can reach, to teach people on how to access peak fitness and to eat healthy foods leading to a better living. This is my chance to bring about a new world and to achieve greatness. Big thank to everyone at Reklamation bikes for supporting me in pursuing my dream. I have a crazy trick list that I will shred on this strong SKJ frame. Expect the unexpected in the kingdom of madness!"
~Jason Plourde~

filming by Jason Plourde
editing by Jake Umberger
Uyama Hiroto
Climbed Mountain

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