was built to solve two problems:
1. There is not one good place to release the tension society creates.
2. In the age of web 2.0 users get the chance to speak what ever is on their mind, but a good way to debate, argue or discuss does not exist out there. allows users to participate in two main aspects of the site:
1. As a prosecutor - presenting a problem to world.
2. As "the people" - having the power to debate, convince the community and vote for their opinion to make it count in the final out come.

Users can sue on behalf of themselves, "the people" or on behalf of anyone else. They can sue anyone they desire... work related, relationship issues, government related issues and etc...

We take a lot of pride in our debating system which allows users to create a real debate, different from any forum or commenting system. Users will be able to track the entire debate, other people debates or just their own.

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