Misfits In A Hostile Environment - Season 1, Episode 1 - Wakey Wakey
by misfitsinarms
3 hours ago

Misfits in a Hostile Environment

Season 1, Episode 1 Part 1 -- Wakey Wakey!

Gregor and Hugo wake up underground with no memory of how they got there, and find out that they're not alone...


This is the pilot of Misfits in a Hostile Environment, the first of hopefully a 20-episode Team Fortress 2 Machinima that marks our first project together as Misfits In Arms. We're releasing the pilot to test the water and then we'll spend a couple of weeks collecting feedback and preparing to go into weekly filming. We'll be releasing episodes every week when we've got enough of the series prepared that we won't grind to a halt if we're delayed in our filming schedule.

We're all really excited about the project, and we'd love to hear from you guys.

Feel free to contact us at contact@misfitsinarms.com , or come visit us at our Steam group at steamcommunity.com/groups/miahe

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