It's a story about what happened to a bartender and an outlander in a shabby bar.
Trying to present an short animation full of imagination and funny stuff.
Director:Bian-Fa Chen
Writer:Bian-Fa Chen
Producer:Wei-Chung Chang
Art: Bian-Fa Chen
Texture: Jia-Huei Lin, Bian-Fa Chen
3D Model: Po-Kuan Wu, Bian-Fa Chen
Voice: Shih-Hung Hsieh, Chia-Hsin Chen, Po-Chian Chen
Music/Sound: Hsiao-Chin Lin, Szu-Yu Lin
Guitar: White Goat
Special Thanks: Grandpa,
Tch. Chieh-Hung Chen, Dr. Shih-Kai Chung,
Han-Yang Chan, Sheng Yuan, Shih-Chieh Chiu,
Kai-Di Huang, Zhi-Wei Liu, Lab 705,
Mom&Dad, NTUA MAA, WInsound Studio

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