Despite the lack of an FDA regulation tightening traceability requirements, issues around product tracing continue to cause angst in the food industry. But industry does not need to wait for a regulation: the tools to improve traceability—as well as derive other benefits—are available today through the use of software systems.
Join Dr. Jennifer McEntire, Vice President and Chief Science Officer at The Acheson Group as she discusses how good recordkeeping yields numerous benefits including demonstrating to inspectors, auditors, and even customers, that things are well under control. Integrating other aspects of food safety into recordkeeping allow for the types of data analyses that transition a firm from reactive to proactive. Traceability and regulatory compliance become byproducts of a well-managed, well documented food safety system.
This webinar will focus on:
• Future product tracing regulatory requirements
• How technology can address traceability challenges
• Industry benefits of better traceability and how it integrates with other components of a food safety system

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