The 1896 Classic Marathon Race Revival in Greece is a race replicating the classic cycling competition that took place using fixed gear bicycles at the first modern Olympics in Athens in 1896.

The global fixed gear scene is in its golden era with races testing riders skill and commitment as they set the urban landscape as the ultimate space where fixed gear culture is being defined. The 1896 CMRR is taking a historic Olympic race of cycling's infant years and is trying to project Athens as a city on the world map of this incredible scene.

Congrats to all participating riders. Thanks to Francesco, Raffa and Alexandr for visiting.
Thanks to Tokyo Fixed, Cadence and Dolan for supporting.

Filmed by Christos Chalkos, Christian Manousaridis and Agi Kolyvas.
Motorbike driver Kostas Cutoff
Edited by Masha.

music by Actress "Maze" (Honest Jons Rec, 2012).

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