The Departure from my save place for thinking in the library to the unknown future of my unfolding Erasmus exchange was merely my first step out of my cage and the beginning of my journey. Between all those small moments from the paper work over the seemingly endless time of waiting for an answer to the goodbye of my friends and the arrival in the north west of Iceland there was no time to think about what is actually happening to me. Yet this would soon change and the wheels of time would reveal their path.

Icelandic Dreams shows for the first time in a most authentic and honest way the beauty of an Erasmus story with all the small moments which have made it a truly life changing experience. The incredible love for detail invites to a thrilling and uplifting emotional journey through this story of a lifetime.
This detailed autobiography in the style of music videos was produced in a period of almost four years from over 250 hours of filming material and shows the priceless warmth and beauty of an Erasmus experience.

These are my Icelandic Dreams which I will always remember and never forget.

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