LuoYongHao team developed hammer phone last night finally arrived. Hammer phone named Smartisan T1, its 16G, 32G version priced at 3,000 yuan, 3,150 yuan. In reason of Luo Yonghao's always high-profile personality, the phone release sparked widespread concern.
Smartisan T1 is equiped with Texas Instruments op amp IC chip, with objective tuning by Motorola senior electronic and acoustic engineers, as well as the subjective tuning by music producer and another gold medal to participate, T1 finally is a challenge to all existing smartphones in point of Hi-Fi sound quality. The main camera uses Sony 12.78 million effective pixels camera, combined with Fujitsu Milbeaut Mobile imaging solutions, which makes T1 one of the smartphone producing best image quality.
罗永浩团队研发的锤子手机昨晚终于面世。锤子手机命名Smartisan T1,其16G、32G版本的售价分别为3000元、3150元。由于罗永浩的高调,此次手机发布引发了广泛关注。
Smartisan T1 采用德州仪器发烧级运放 IC 芯片,摩托罗拉资深电子及声学工程师客观调音,另有金牌音乐制作人参与主观调音,最终具有了挑战一切智能手机的 Hi-Fi 音质。主摄像头采用索尼 1278 万有效像素摄像头,结合富士通 Milbeaut Mobile 影像解决方案。最终成为目前全球成像品质最好的摄像头之一。

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