Sonic Acts is a biannual festival at the intersection of arts, science, music & technology.

German electronic music legend Hans-Joachim Roedelius (AT) has been active in music for over thirty years, has . He is a pioneer in electronic music, not least for his collaborations with musicians and composers as Peter Baumannn, Holger Czukay, Brian Eno, Dieter Moebius, Conny Plank and Michael Rother. He has worked as a soloist and founded several groups, most notably Kluster/Cluster and Harmonia. Over his prolific career, Roedelius’ musical output has covered a great deal of sonic territory and emotional range: from deeply introspective to very rhythmic, from experimental improvisations to heart-felt vignettes.

The Acousmonium is the sound diffusion system designed in 1974 by François Bayle and used originally by the Groupe de Recherches Musicales (GRM) at the Maison de Radio France. The Acousmonium contains eighty speakers of different sizes placed across a stage at varying heights and distances. Their placement is based on their range, their power, their quality, and their directional characteristics. When built, Bayle stated: “It puts you inside the sound. It’s like the interior of a sound universe.” It provides a very complete and complex system for sound projecting acousmatic and electroacoustic music or instrumental music transformed by computers.

The Groupe de Recherches Musicales is a French organisation for research into sonology and electroacoustic music. It was founded in 1958 by Pierre Schaeffer as part of the ORTF and since then led by composers such as François Bayle and Daniel Teruggi. In 2008 the GRM celebrates its 50th anniversary with a series of special projects in France and across the globe. In collaboration with Sonic Acts the GRM compiled the programme of this night.

The performance took place as part of the 'Acousmonium' session on 24 February, 2008.

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