Here at CBC we are all pretty excited about anything that moves and discovering the best ways to make those moving bits and pieces work. Live action and CG integration is one of those bits and pieces. Our clients keep asking us to do more and more production so in true CBC fashion we have evolved into offering Production as a list of services.

So let me introduce you to our first 100% original Cardboard Castle production. After coming up with the idea and throwing a few tests down on paper we reached out to our friends and colleagues to build the best team to attack this project with great enthusiasm and effort. Everyone who helped us with this project put in 120%.

We are working on a behind the scenes post that will illuminate some of the finer details of the shoot. But Let me just say that not one person complained even though we worked all night long, everyone doing the work of 3 people and the temp dropped below freezing! Great team!

Speaking of let me just say a few things about the team.

Huge thanks to Koerner Cameras for helping us put together a great camera package. I always use them for all my camera rentals, super friendly and extremely helpful! Thanks again!

Zen Freese is an amazing Line producer, he really jumped behind this project and helped us make it a reality. Ready and willing on all levels.

Russ Eaton is always complete pleasure to work with. I can’t say enough about him. Always ready to tackle any situation.

Justin our AC is all about perfection. So much so that he wouldn’t let me move on until he had the shot, the focus pull had to be perfect! I love it.

Ken Riddle was our Key grip and that man was running lights and pushing our Steady cam around all night on a Chariot… Seriously, wait for the behind the scenes!

Harrisen Howes, steady cam… The man! He was running over obstacles backwards, riding in a chariot, or hanging out the back of a minivan. Like I said… The man!

My Post crew! You can always catch me gushing about them. Blain is turing into quite the designer, he brought you the digital walls as well as the shoe effects. Dylan can animate anything, whether it's compositing, editing, sound design or subtle little accents he is dialed in. Brian, Griffen and Jesse, tracking and roto stars! I love my team... they are truly amazing and know how to get the job done!

I have saved the best for last! The lovely and extremely talented Kate Gray thanks for literally running ALL NIGHT LONG! Wow, what a hard worker that one is. Beautiful, talented, awesome to work with, ready to jump in, and always enthusiastic.

And without further ado here is the full crew list. Thank you all for your hard work!

A Cardboard Castle Original production
Runner: Kate Gray
Creative Director: Cooper Johnson
Executive Producer: Alicia Johnson
Director: Cooper Johnson
Producer: Zen Freese
Co-Producer: Benjamin Ross Lyerly
DP: Russ Eaton
AC: Justin O'Shaughnessy
Key Grip: Ken Riddle
Steady Cam Operator: Harrisen Howes
PA: Kunu
PA and DIT: Griffen Snow

Post Production
Art Director: Cooper Johnson
Designer: Blain Klitzke
Editor: Dylan Leeds
Assistant Editor: Griffen Snow
Davinci color: Martin Melnick
Sound Design: Dylan Leeds
Lead Animator: Dylan Leeds
Animator: Blain Klitzke
Animator: Brian Smith
Animator: Griffen Snow
Animator: Jesse Leibhart

Music credits:
Artist: Uppermost
song: Rise

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