Shot on the Canon 5d Mark II using:
AG-7200 adapter on 35mm Felktagon F2.4 and 58mm Helios F2

The anamorphic adapter was screwed onto the front threads of the prime lenses, attached through a series of step-up/down rings. Adapter has a 1.33x squeeze which results in a true 2:35 widescreen unsqueeze in post, no cropping.

Footage shot at 30p H.264 was converted to XDCAM 29.97 using mpeg streamclip. All footage is straight out of the camera, with no post-tweaks (except for un-squeeze). Video looks a lot better in it's raw format, it looks very compressed on VIMEO.

Music is by Carter Burwell From Raising Arizona.

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Mixed Footage:

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