We were challenged to fully produce this fun and ambitious project. A short animated film dealing with environmental issues. Our main goal was to develop a unique visual style and interesting animation that will go hand in hand with the film narrative. The result is the movie trailer which is the first 2 minutes of the film.

Producer - Maya Dicker
Production - RubiconStudio
Script - Doron Dahan
Director - Doron Dahan, Roded Yizhaky
Art Director - Roded Yizhaky
StoryBoard - Matan Rob
Concept artist - Anna Strebcov
Layout, texturing, editing - Roded Yizhaky
Modeling - Smadar Lomnitz, Roded Yizhaky
Rigging - Yeal Keshet
Animation - Zohar Shahar
Shading and rendering - Daniel Vainbach
Compositing and VFX - Roded Yizhaky
Sound - Ariel Berns

Project page - rubiconstudio.com/projects/bottomless/
Facebook production blog - facebook.com/pages/Bottomless/1417594685148238

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