Activist Coalition Tells Israel Ballet: Dont Tiptoe Around Apartheid!

See also, Israel Ballet Associate Director, Dan Rudolf, Replies: Nothing Was There in 1948. Video:

Worcester, MA, February 20, 2010 The Israel Ballets recent performance of Don Quixote was protested by a coalition of activists who sought to highlight the troupes role in the Israeli governments attempt to whitewash its record of war crimes, violations of international law, and other atrocities through promotion of its countrys artistic and cultural workers.

Approximately 34 students, workers, activists, and people of faith gathered in front of the Hanover Theatre, holding signs ranging from the playful to the direct. Representatives from the Worcester area Catholic Workers displayed an image of Don Quixote with the slogan, Dream A Possible Dream. Students from Clark University asked Where Are the Arabs in Your Arabesques? And Boston area activists held a banner proclaiming Tutus Cant Cover Israels War Crimes.

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