This is a short film I made for a Film Competition hosted by Alfresco's Group and Cloud 9 Production, called Take 5. The competition took place in May, 2013 in Ho Chi Minh City, Viet Nam. In this competition, participants had to make a not-over-5-minute film, which included 3 elements: the pizza-delivery man, the restaurant and the Cocacola's trademark.

Sideways is a story about two guests who were having lunch in a pizza restaurant. The noticed a suspicious pizza-delivery man, who had just left the restaurant for just 30 minutes, and came back as a mess: dirty shoes, a broken cellphone and a bloody shirt. They started guessing what might happen with the man. What could make him look so pathetic in just 30 minutes by delivering a pizza?

Sideways is also my first-ever short film :) Since I was so young, immature and inexperience in movie-making, I didn't have a particular plan for this one. All I can remember is: that day, without any hesitation, I invited out all of the classmates to join me as a crew (10/30 of them joined lol). And we had a very fun time shooting. I remember we didn't even think about the awards.

But luckily, this short film ended up winning the best writing award and the first runner-up award for best movie in the competition. Such a sweet memory!

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