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Sometime in the near future, when planet Earth is almost incapable of sustaining life, all the nations from around the globe came together to create the U.W.C. (United World Civilization).

Our remaining resources were put to use in creating the most state of the art city, where the remaining humans on Earth could live and hopefully, survive. But after 60 years and with no means to expand, population growth and lack of food and water took its toll. The U.W.C. leaders had to come up with another option.

A 10 year space project was formulated to find another suitable, inhabitable planet. It was the most incredible deep space exploration mission ever conceived and executed. After 20 years, and not a moment too soon, we found a planet that could sustain us, and was known from that day as Eden. Everything seemed to be going as planned, both at home on Earth and in Eden Colony.

But, on the 21st February 2152, Eden colony went dark. No further communications were received.

A rescue mission was put into effect to find out what happened on Eden, and this is where the story of Dead Salvage begins.

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