My name is Angelo X Camacho, and thank you for watching my video. With a specialty in Broadcast Production, I'm a jack of all trades, and master of some. A conductor of organized chaos.

Why do I love producing? Because it’s where I can be both a conductor and magician in the same time.

I am a client facing, creative, fearless, and very capable producer with the ability to get the job done. It’s tough to describe what I do, but when I’m on a team or a shoot, you can assure yourself the project will run like a well-oiled machine in the month of May.

Extremely detail oriented, a great understanding of the film process, and a passionate storyteller—I get the job done. It would be an honor to be considered for a position as a W+K intern.

Thank you for checking out my video, and I invite you to see my website at:

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