In the late sixties surfer ted spencer wanted to replicate a stand up
version of George Greenoughs Velo Spoon Kneeboard he shaped
a super short single fin surfboard with same plan shape as the velo
His surfing on this small 4'8 board has always been a big influence
on boards I wanted to ride . The Magic carpet model runs a classic velo outline
along with a 9" flex fin & tiny side bite fins which propel the board in & out of turns.
The shorter length fits nicely in small pockets of the wave . This board was designed to
keep you generating speed constantly as that is really the key to more powerful turns
in slower waves . This is james first test run in waist high waves , notice how board never
slows down , of course it helps to know the right line to generate that flow .
This board is 4'10 " .

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