Malkovich was conceived on the Pacific island of New Caledonia by his father and mother, then a bartender at a pub popular with escaped Nazis. She was in labor when Ayatollah Khomeini chased them from Iran during the Islamic Revolution. Malkovich was born extremely shortly thereafter in Christopher Columbus' hometown of Genoa, Italy, where he had his diapers changed regularly by Miss Italy 1978. Ronald Reagan almost bombed his elementary school in Libya, killing Colonel Qaddafi’s “daughter” instead. He moved to Los Angeles during the 1992 riots, where he heard Ice Cube's Death Certificate, rode the Northridge Earthquake, and formed BLX, a kind of pre-internet Odd Future with more grand larceny. He left NYC a week before the Twin Towers came down, London a week before the Tube bombings, and Istanbul a week before Kurds blew up the city square. He left Jamaica two days before Hurricane Gustav, and slept on a church floor in Louisiana and ate Red Cross gumbo for three days with 300 people after losing an important backpack in Hurricane Katrina. His father's a gem hunter who hates islands. He once fell asleep on a train and woke up in Spain. His best friend is a dirty cop in Belize City whose name comes up on a Google search on Amnesty International's most wanted list. URB gave his first album Skeletons one and a half stars out of five. A kid from North Hollywood has lyrics from that album tattooed on his chest. He lost his favorite hat in Hat Gai, Thailand, dodging rebels who blew up a local McDonalds. On January 1, 2012 he gave up his home and possessions to travel indefinitely until “something enormous happens”. He relocated to Namibia to record an album with Becoming Phill, a producer he met on Twitter, and subsequently did the same with Esa FunkPrez in Italy and Mute Speaker in the UK. He has worked with House Shoes, Dibia$e, Computer Jay, P.U.D.G.E. and Prince Po of Organized Konfusion. Gilles Peterson kicked off his BBC Best of Hip-Hop 2009 mix with a Malkovich verse. DJ Premier, The Wake Up Show and The Source support his album Great Expectations, which Hit The Floor Magazine called "genre-resuscitating". He's working on a book based on Before The Chador, a collection of photos of his family in 1970s pre-revolution Iran which was featured on BBC, PBS, The Atlantic and Vice. He's creator of Heverly Bills T-shirts, "for when your bills are beyond heavy". He's currently living somewhere between Southern Africa and the South China Sea.

"I was a fan of Malkovich the first time I heard him. Yall know I do NOT F**K AROUND with my cosigns.” -DJ HOUSE SHOES
"the new face of underground grime... this guy is owning everyone in the current scene, and you better believe it" -HITTHEFLOOR
"Malkovich fits into a niche being carved out by a new breed of rappers." -EARBITS.COM
"Malkovich is a super duper greasy middle easty emcee" -KING TECH, WAKE UP SHOW
"Mad Max, Ray Liotta and Banksy mixed together" @BeastySteeeve
"P-P-P-Premier" -DJ PREMIER, while spinning "Bedbugs"

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