This is a 40 second shot with no cuts - pretty long for the 'action' genre

Just testing my rig in lowmode with a diving weight to the rear and small HD monitor onboard

The weight to the rear of the rig adds inertia which make pans a little smoother, hopefully this is visible as I circle them at the low wall - maybe I need 'antlers' to try and aid holding the horizon better too

I try to keep the shot interesting through some choreography, whip pans and changes from from missionary to don juan (front to rear POV)

The choreography involves moves that allow me to move slower than the occuring action : sometimes I let myself down a little by following the action too much (the opening should have been a straight track backwards with no pan action)

The shot dies a little as I cut the music in and transit along the first building - I should have done something with the second 'actor' to fill the space - he is late to arrive at the low wall

And yes I am tickling the focus too

I can do better than this but an interesting start - a lot learned in half an hour as the light died


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