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Witness the Birth of Hip-Hop in the form of A.L.I.A.S. - "Another Life Is Another Story!" Embodying the greats of hip-hop pioneers like KRS-One, Afrika Bambataa, Zulu Nation, Jay-Z, Eric B & Rakim, Public Enemy and many more. This is the intro to the album, the first track of 18 in total. It symbolically represents ALIAS and the birth of the artist that encompasses "Another Life Is Another Story."

We all tend to wear many different "faces" depending upon our environment. The person we are amongst our friends is different from who we are in the presence of our parents, children, co-workers, family etc.

In this story, these many "personalities" fight for control and dominance. The world we live in often makes it easy for us to choose the "least desirable" behaviors as paramount for survival but in the end spiritual wisdom must guide all of our choices in order to see "the Kingdom of God within you!"

Life's pleasures are transient... In order to begin to know how to find true, permanent happiness you must look within: Explore us at amazon.com/author/selfawakened

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