MINERVA & THE ORDER OF PHANES is a creation story for the modern age; an agglomeration of existing mythologies, religions and philosophical concepts, fused together with a surrealist twist.

In this new creation story we are introduced to Minerva (Roman Goddess of wisdom and the arts, equated with the Greek Goddess Athena) who is responsible for creating the universe and filling it with ideas, concepts and creatures. Upon completion, her final act is to create the Orphic Egg, from which hatches Phanes (Greek hermaphroditic deity). Phanes is born into a world of chaos; it is Phanes's role, as it is Mans, to use the ideas, concepts and creatures available to create an ordered world.

Everything we need is in our hands;

We are all free to create our own order.

Music: 'Blue Drive' by Oneohtrix Point Never

Clothing made by Psiclone: psiclone.org


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