For the last year, I have been filming my life, one second at a time.

From May 25th 2013 to May 25th 2014 I have shot one second of my life each day. 'Every Day' is a visual and creative representation of a year of my life. It has been a journey, and an experience, and I am very fortunate not to have forgotten a single day since the beginning. Watching this year of my life through brings back memories, evokes certain emotions, and this project has awoken my senses to take in and absorb the world around me. 'Every Day' has held me accountable to making each and every day of my life count, and enables me to relive experiences and never forget a day again.

Entirely shot on my iPhone 4 and iPhone 5S
Music: Sigur Rós - Glósóli (Glowing Sun)
iOS App available on the App Store:

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