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In my career as a cosmetic dentist, I've done thousands of consultations. And without fail, what almost everyone comments is I don't want to get Chiclets or I'm afraid I will have Chiclets with veneers, very legitimate concern. Porcelain systems have been around since about 1928, with really little change in the way that we've done veneers in dentistry. At Atlanta Dental Spa we decided to change that, and we actually invented our own type of veneer called Glass Veneers. As a matter of fact, I have Glass Veneers in my own mouth.

What a Glass Veneer is our trade name for something that is super strong, super thin, and super translucent, and the translucency in the veneer actually gives it the anti-Chiclet effect. So they are absolutely beautiful. They are really an enamel replacement, which is again kind of the goal in dentistry is to have something look exceedingly natural, yet exceedingly beautiful. So come in, see if you're a candidate for these Glass Veneers, and let us know how we can help you change your smile.

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