International workshop about water scarcity and abundance, proposed to students of primary schools, high schools and university undergraduates

Curator Keti Haliori
Project Manager Despina Economopoulou

The "Ask the flask" was an online international workshop that has started in October 2013 and completed in January 2014. The project was carried out with students from countries facing water scarcity, as well as from countries with an abundance of water. Participants are from Brazil, Canada, Colombia, Egypt, Greece (5), Iraq, Kenya (2), United Kingdom (2).
The students grouped according to their educational level: primary schools, high schools and university undergraduates. Every group from a region with water scarcity was working with a group from a region with abundance of water. They communicated with each other and exchanged views on their relationship with water in everyday life. How scarcity or abundance of water shape their lives, and how young people learn to manage water in such different cases. Communication was taking place via Skype discussion groups. They discussed, exchanged views and experiences, submitted their ideas and propose research methods, materials and ways to develop their artwork.
Eventually, each group created a visual artwork (an installation or a performance) that took place at their school, or university, or any other place accessible to the public (town square, city hall, street, gallery etc). The goal was for every resulting artwork to bear the “stamp” of cooperation between the two groups.
It aimed to foster relationships between the youth of societies abundant in water, on the one hand, and the youth of societies facing water scarcity, on the other. To ask questions and form opinions; it aspires to create a channel between them, so that participants can communicate, gain experience, knowledge, understanding and set common goals. It aimed to make them experience unity and friendship through water.

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