Sleeper is a micro budget feature I produced in 2008 on $50K.

It stars "Raven" former WWE, WCW, TNA etc champion, as well as Bruce Hopkins from lord of the Rings 2-3, and Ty Hungerford who plays Big T in my short film Frame 137.

The film was shot on the JVC GY-HD200 over 30 days (6 weeks) and notably includes my previous car being blown up (seen at the end of the trailer) in a freak rainy Brisbane evening, which meant we needed a rain machine to match a whole bunch of the other footage.

Anyway just figured I'd share some of my other work, expect to see some of the music clips and shorts I've directed or produced over the years posted in coming weeks (got to wait for my 500MB to refresh before doing to much).

Feel free to ask questions on any of the films, I've never been much chop at social networking, but I can talk film for hours, so always happy to share experiences, stories, advice and frankly just shoot the shit on things that interest me. Cheers.

- Judd -

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