So you've all probably heard me boostin hard for a LONG TIME NOW about Guu! What is that?! How do you even pronounce that?! That doesn't even sound appetizing?!

FALSE. Guu will haunt your dreams. you will wake up chewing on your alarm clock dreaming it was beef tataki or deep fried brie cheese.

The Japanese izakaya culture is one that is unmatched. Often compared to a tapas bar type of restaurant, this is the home away from home you like to walk in, get greeted by the incredible staff, enjoy a few sake mojitos or a round of sake for the crew, and have a jolly good time.

The original Vancity resto (my FAVORITE IN VANCOUVER) has finally made it's way over to the east and popped up conveniently... a block away from my house. Was there any question that I would in my very Char-ways befriend the Guu Toronto fam? Of course not!
Big ups to Masaru, James, and the rest of the fam!!

TORONTO, you MUST experience this!!! I can't reiterate that enough. I stand behind Guu till the day I die! Heck, I'm a Guupie, if you will!

So, DUU the GUU. 398 Church St. Toronto, ON.

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