31 Days, 3 Countries.

This is a montage showcasing Jenny and Alvin as they rampage through parts of Asia. They eat and drink and be very merry. They run and laugh. They flip a table. Alvin didn't know what to do with all the footage. He remembered singing The Ramones, then suddenly knew exactly what to do.

Thanks for watch everyone! I hope you find this video as fun as it was to make it. It's a big world - keep exploring!


Oriental Rock
by the 5,6,7,8's

Judy Is A Punk
by The Ramones

Theme Of Luxury
by Fantastic Plastic Machine

You Must Learn All Night Long
by Fantastic Plastic Machine

Trailer Music (Mambo Music Novophonic Remix)
by Pizzicato Five

Bon Voyage (Escape Mix ft. Yukari Fresh)
by Fantastic Plastic Machine

Princess Zalaxy Returns
by Loyal Royal (available for purchase at loyalroyal.bandcamp.com/track/princess-zalaxy-returns)

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