59 Productions was commissioned by the annual Sydney winter festival - Vivid LIVE - to create a new artwork for projection onto the sails of Sydney Opera House. The festival rans from 23 MAY - 9 JUNE 2014, on a continuous (15 minute) loop from 6pm to midnight every night.

You can see how we made the projections here: vimeo.com/97607427

You will see the architect - Utzon's - original concept sketches and blueprints spectacularly become the real, solid architectural phenomenon that is Sydney Opera House today. Our artists have used a huge variety of techniques to bring the building to life, both computer-generated and analogue, not least filming over a dozen scale models of the building being splattered with paint and pigments, melted with heat guns and shattered like ice.

This year, you will see the Opera House born again, from its conception and design through the extraordinary construction process, before experimenting with an extraordinarily diverse range of surface finishes, colours and textures. Projecting the building into an imaginary future, it is then subjected to extremes of natural forces and reaches a point of near-destruction, before undergoing a triumphant apotheosis, and beginning it's cosmic journey once again.

The story:
This year's projected artwork whisks the audience on a whirlwind journey that explores the conception and design of the Opera House, through a recreation of the spectacular construction process to completion.

The magnificent building can then be seen expressing itself in a high-octane dance and light sequence, experimenting with texture, colour, costume and even its own haircut, before being doused in brightly coloured paints and inks, and showered in raw pigment.

In the third act, a cataclysmic storm and extremes of weather and climate put the building to its greatest test, before reaching its apotheosis, atomising into cosmic form before reforming and beginning its cycle once again.

Music Credits:

Explosions in the Sky: 'First Breath After Coma'
Public Service Broadcasting: 'Inform, Educate, Entertain'
Ratatat: 'Drugs'
Atlas: 'Battles'
Vivaldi: 'Summer' from 'The Four Seasons' Performed by Fabio Biondi and Europa Galante
Joby Talbot: 'Confluence' from 'Tide Harmonic'


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