'I like this piece because, although humorous, it has slightly dark connotations;
reminds me of the current trend of new psychiatric illnesses such as O.C.D, A.D.D. & N.P.D.
It's also absurdly positive- 'like a vase of bright and cheerful flowers on a dreary day'
Michael Moustafi - Filmmaker

Written by Jane Martin

Miss Latonia played by Antonia Davies

Additional Words by Victoria Hueber

Shot & Edited by Michael Moustafi

Canon 5d mark II with Nikkor lenses:
20mm f3.5,
24mm f2.8,
35mm f2,
50mm f1.2,
85mm f1.4,
100mm micro f4,
105mm f2.5,
200mm micro f4.

30p @ 1/50 sec shutter.

Edited with Adobe Premiere Pro CS2

Graded with Adobe After Effects Professional CS3

Artist: Headless Heroes
Title: The North Wind Blew South
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Written by Philamore Lincoln (ASCAP)
(P) 2008 Headless Heroes, LLC
(C) 2008 Headless Heroes, LLC

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