Written, Directed, Filmed, Edited and Starring Neskie Manuel. Loads of help was provided by illona trogub. Also featuring: Beverly Manuel, Toussaint Lamy, Tristan Cavers, Daren Michel, Gabby Billy, Martin Sauls, his goats and chickens, Boo and Goso, many others, and... unseasonably warm weather.

Filmed on location at Neskonlith Reserve, Martin Saul's house, the straw bale house, Ska-Hiish Gas Station, and Golden Ears Community Farm and Fruit Stand.

Old movie countdown provided by

Music provided by Dad B and George Manuel, Jr.

A special thanks to Jamendo.com for making creative commons music available.


Thanks to all who develop creative commons art and open source software.

Also, thanks to all who write tips online for using iMovie. Keep up the good work!


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