'Echoes of Reality' is a collaborative interactive installation for the 'Are We Content' exhibition. Using an installed surveillance camera, a passive audience is projected into a feedback loop as an exploration of how each and every action is recorded and amalgamated into the timeless fabric which makes up the world behind the screen, or cyberspace. Whether we choose to actively or passively interact with this world, we are all still ghosts of ourselves revealing fragments amidst the polyphony of media.

Design and Development
Mark McCallum, Peter Clark

Technical Assistance
John Colette

Quartz Composer
Memo Akten - Webcam Piano
MOostrik - Augmented Reality in QC

Quartz Composer
Vade - Syphon
vj kidkadian - Syphon2Network

Installation Documentation
Aaron Rogers
Morgan Murphy
Chase Hochstatter

Exhibition: arewecontent.com
Peter Clark: ironkinetics.com
Mark McCallum: markmccllm.com

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