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E-textile, also known as electronic textile, is clothing with computed electronics embedded in it. It can be worn comfortably like regular clothing while having smart functions.

With NASA's ongoing exploration of the planet Mars, the project aims at bringing Avant-Garde look on the Red Planet. The Mars e-Textile pieces explore the dichotomy of utilitarian versus aesthetic. Can the two coexist? Does focusing on one hinder the development of the other? How can we recreate the challenges Avant-Garde fashion artists overcame during the controversies of 1960s in the context of a different planet? These are the questions which artists and product designers alike contemplate throughout the process of creation. Myriads of technological devices available today have been made through the challenges of synchronizing traits that are both ergonomic and aesthetically "appealing."
Due to lower gravity in Mars than in Earth, the e-Textile pieces deviate from light and simple to cater to the environmental factors unique to Mars.

Music composed by Harry Gregson-Williams "Sirens' song"
Snap clips from "Intro scene of John Carter" and ""Mind game" Surov D - composer for films, TV. Orchestral music, instrumental, space"

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