With generous amounts of fiery VFX, we constructed a graphics package for the MTV 2014 Movie Awards. Our theme: the idea of a giant burning popcorn asteroid crashing towards Earth, leaving digital remnants of flames, smoke, and lava throughout the Awards ceremony. We aligned these apocalyptic graphics with the overall set design, while also creating a billboard screen to playback editorial content.

Designed & Produced by: Imaginary Forces (IF)
IF Creative Director: Grant Lau
IF Executive Producer: Ben Apley
IF Producer: Franceska Bucci
IF Designers: Jeannie Park, Federico Aragon, Peggy Oei, Tosh Kodama, Katherine Liang, John Kim
IF Lead Animator: Thomas McMahan
IF Animators: Federico Aragon, Eric Demeusy, Lamson To, Jeannie Park
IF 3D Model Builder: Meats Meier
IF Editor: Keith Roberts
IF Assistant Editor: Michael Radtke
IF Coordinator: Dominick Guglielmo
IF Conan Shoot DP: Dan Kanes
IF Conan Shoot Camera Tech: Sharon Kanes

Studio: MTV
Production Company: Den of Thieves / MTV
Executive Producer: Lee Lodge
Coordinating Producer: Chase Simonds
Post Production Supervisor: Matt Carvette
Clip Coordinator: Sara Miller
Online Editor: Hector Lopez

Online Post Production: Geiger Post

Audio Post Production: Levels Audio

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