This is the first in a series of 5 tests we recently conducted for an upcoming short project.

For a more detailed breakdown of what we did check out:

Camera: RED Epic-MX
Optics: Lomo Anamorphics Square Fronts (1975)
ISO: 800
CT: 3200 Kelvin
FPS: 23.98
Shutter: 180

All shot at 5k Ana at 6:1 compression and finished in Resolve.
No grading just adjusting the RAW color temperature to match the WO shots to the T5.6 stuff due to the color shift when dimming the Profoto Tungsten Air.

Finished at 2k.

The focal point is 6 feet from the camera unless otherwise stated.

I had my Lomo anamorphic set serviced and I wanted to test the sharpness vs. what I was accustomed to before. Vintage anamorphics are often bashed for being unusable wide open or below T4 but I haven't found that to be the case (maybe I just got a good set).

In this test we take a look at the sharpness of all three lenses (35mm T2.9, 50mm T2.4, 80mm T2.5) at wide open and at 5.6 for a reference of just how well these can perform.

The 35mm looked pretty good at WO and is definitely usable. At 5.6 it is as sharp or sharper than any of my spherical glass.

The 50mm is the real gem of the set. Both WO and at 5.6 the lens performs well. At 5.6 it is incredibly good.

The 80mm was a bit of a mixed bag but come to find out it was (as usual) operator error. The 80 looked slightly softer than the others at WO and after trying to track down the reason I realized I had actually past the maximum aperture which caused the image split and ghosting to creep into the results. At a true T2.5 the lens performs somewhere between the 35 and the 50. At 5.6 the lens was perfect.

Up next we are going to be looking at flares on each of the lenses across the aperture range and and varying intensities.

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