This is my miniature project for last class of my SCAD life.
I organized progress of making Stonehenge miniature in this video and hope it is helpful.

I used Sculpey for my Stonehenge and painted acrylic paint. After I made a ground base using Wood, Styrofoam and Plaster, placed Grass mat on the surface of ground base. To match ground look like real life, I did many test shooting at Stone Mountain, tried using various materials for details.
Finally, I shoot with Canon 60D using 'Forced Perspective' technique at Stone Mountain, GA.

While I was making this piece, I was trying to find right material for each element and matching color between real life and my miniature piece. Initially, I planed my background to have Stone Mountain Carving, but I heard from my Professor, it has racial issue and because of its strong visual, interrupt focusing miniature. So, I decided to avoid Carving not like my initial design of my Stonehenge miniature shot.

Thank you to

Professor Clarke Stallworth,
My lovely wife Sunnie,
My friend Thomas.

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