Why having a list of partner names on the door may not work anymore, plus other ‘old’ marketing practices that hold your firm back… and what to do about it.

Your professional services firm should be continually growing its expertise and capabilities. Over the past decade, you’ve probably expanded to new markets and added new services. You may even have an entirely new strategic direction. Is the public perception of your firm keeping up, or is it stuck in the past? How does your brand identity affect your ability to attract and retain the best talent?

Your brand story has never been more important in showcasing your firm’s goals, values and beliefs and aligning it with those of your employees and potential clients. Do you know whether your corporate identity and marketing practices are helping or hurting?

The brand of a professional service firm goes through a natural life-cycle and this webinar will provide insights on how to revitalize your brand identity. We will discuss how to uncover the underlying motivation and story behind your firm and what you can do to successfully position your business for growth.

Professional services branding and marketing is going through a transformation. Don’t get left behind.

In this webinar you will learn to:
• Clarify the confusion between rebranding vs. refreshing
• Assess why and when a firm should consider rebranding
• Navigate the process and allocate the resources (time and budget) required for a successful rebrand or branding process
• Gain a realistic expectation of the ROI of a rebrand
• Understand how to develop an authentic brand that communicates in a meaningful way
• Manage your brand equity like the valuable asset it is

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