Extracts from:

Multifaceted(2005) *d
In Process(2009) *d
Diametric Artimaid(2003) *d
Space Shower TV(2003) *d
Spin (2010) *a
Where's Your Head At Basement Jaxx
tour visuals (2009) *a
Others(2008) *d
AANAATT (2008) *a
Snow flake PV for □□□ (2008) *a
Tonight PV for □□□ (2008) *a
Hellobye(2003) *d
Hall Ohara (2007) *d
Hall Ohara (2008) *d
Sketch (2004) *d
Mr. Pants for Gunze ltd. (2008) *d
Mrs. Triangle (2009) *d

(in order of appearance)
*d= directed
*a= animated

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