"Et Cetera or Fragments of Video Diary" (2014) 20’
Directed and edited by Mariusz Wirski
Photographed by Mariusz Wirski, Wanda Dittrich
Music by Piotr Zarzycki
Produced by Mariusz Hybiak, Wanda Dittrich, Mariusz Wirski / MWM Art Film
Academy of Fine Arts in Gdańsk (Audio and Video Space Workshop)
University of Gdańsk

A poetic documentary feature movie filmed entirely using a mobile phone. The whole work is impressionistic in nature – it presents the life of the director but the fact that the frame is divided into four separate channels provides Et Cetera or Fragments of Video Diary with another dimension – the manner in which various elements and scenes are assembled is contra-punctual and symbolic, and the film takes on the characteristics of a philosophical discourse through presenting such elements of life as birth, adult life, friendship, entertainment, love, senility, death and an unbreakable bond with nature. The film was inspired by the fascination with American avant-garde classics - mainly Jonas Mekas, but it is a completely authorial and individual artistic project. The basis for the creation of Et Cetera or Fragments of Video Diary was the interest in testing the limits of transferring a subjective film message through a project being realized by a one man. It is a kind of an attempt to create a filmed memoir documenting events in one's life.

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