‘Rehearsal’ is an exploration of the ways we construct memory through our senses, it highlights the way memory is constructed when we recall it and distorted as we try to record it.

We have 3 levels of memory: Long term, Short term and sensory, or working, memory. The initial creation of our memories is at this sensory level – we experience, construct and remember our world through our senses.

Rehearsal takes the form of two computational, spatial installations, one dealing with audio/speech memory, and one with visual memory. In this, exploring the articulatory loop, the system is seeded with a passage from 'Funes the Memorious' by Jorge Luis Borges discussing the relationship between thought and memory. It then attempts to recreate this via a repeated process of speech → text → speech, misinterpreting and recreating the passage along the way.

[Speaker, Microphone, Amplifier, Computer, Custom Software. Size variable]

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