Directed by : Ivan Salatić
Image: Ivan Marković
Montage: Jelena Maksimović
Sound Design: Jakov Munižaba
Sound Recordist : Petar Stojičić
Boom Operator : Matija Babović
Produced by: Jelena Mišeljić
Cast : Luka Petrone, Jana Radan, Branka Knežević, Jelena Đokić, Miloš Kašćelan, Petar Pejaković

Luka moves to a small coastal town to live with his aunt, while his parents are in the middle of divorce. Besides the numbness, there is also Jana - a girl from the neighborhood who likes to take care of her tan. It’s a lazy end of the summer. Kids are jumping from the edge of the abandoned submarine port enjoying last days of vacation. When you are a kid, you never know that childhood ends.

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