We’re Masy Systems – we help pharmaceutical and medical device companies make better, safer, more effective products.

We’ve been in business for 30 years. Since 1984, we’ve had double-digit growth year over year, matching the pace of growth in the life sciences industry. We offer several complementary services and products to biotechnology companies, all focused around measuring and improving the quality of research laboratories and production lines – which ultimately helps patients get access to life-saving drugs and devices. We work with some of the largest pharmaceutical and medical device companies in the world, and we work with emerging companies on the forefront of medical innovation.

One of the fastest-growing segments of our business is our biorepository storage facility. We have over 65,000 cubic feet of continuously-monitored storage space that can securely hold cell banks, tissue and blood samples, vaccines, drug compounds, and finished products at specific temperature and humidity requirements; anything from 70 degrees Celsius all the way down to cryogenic freezing. We serve customers all over the world; through special shipping equipment and practices, we’re able to maintain a cold chain of custody, so our customers can be confident that the integrity of the valuable materials they send us for safe-keeping will never be jeopardized.

We’re located in Massachusetts, just outside of the greater Boston metro area. Cambridge, Massachusetts is home to dozens of biotechnology companies, many of whom store critical samples and products in our biorepository. On the average day, it’s not unusual for us to be making several trips into metro Boston, making pickups and deliveries.

Until recently, we’d been using a refrigerated box truck to make these biorepository deliveries. Boston is full of narrow, crowded streets; navigating a big truck through the city is a challenge. And then, our reefer truck caught fire… so we’ve been using minivans, which aren’t ideal for transporting biological specimens. A new Sprinter van, customized with secure tie-down points, backup power systems, and environmental monitoring sensors will help us get into the city easily, pick up or drop off shipments quickly, and allow us to transport these life-saving technologies back to our biorepository securely and confidently.

Additionally, a beautiful new van, painted with our refreshed brand identity, will help us attract new business as it cruises around the Boston life science hub.

To better serve our current customers, and help us share our message with potential new customers, we hope Mercedes-Benz and Fast Company consider us for a new Sprinter van.

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