Anna Chan:
And there's been a boating tragedy on Sydney Harbor. A small cruiser with 14 on board hit a fishing trawler heading out to sea. Four women, aged in their teens or 20s, and one man died in the accident and nine people were taken to a hospital. The boat was carrying almost twice its legal capacity. Here's more.

Sydney harbor rescue services were on the scene within an hour but they were unable to save four young women and a man. Two of the nine who were injured are also in a serious condition.

The 14 victims were on board a cabin cruiser which was designed to carry just seven people.

The boat was heading back to shore in the early hours of the morning when it collided with a trawler heading out to sea.

The scale of the tragedy has shocked the local community.

[Morris Iemma, New South Wales Premier]:
"It's every parent's worst nightmare, and can I extend our condolences to the families who have lost their loved ones and to families whose loved ones have been injured, express our condolences, our heart felt condolences on this shocking tragedy; the loss of five lives, nine people taken to hospital."

It's not yet clear why the two boats collided.

The sea was calm and the winds were light at the time of the incident.

And it's not the first collision in Sydney harbor. Just over a year ago four people were killed when a ferry collided with a private boat under the harbor bridge.

This outing was supposed to have been a pleasure trip for those on board the cabin cruiser.

An investigation will now try and find out why it went so badly wrong.

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