This was an extremely difficult subject to shoot. It wasn't just keeping the cameras dry or protected during the descents down waterfalls or long swims, it was the little things like keeping the water drops or mist off the lens during a single two hour time lapse sequence as the sun past.. Using majority backlight and having the camera facing up for a lot of sequences meant that a single drop or just a tiny bit of mist would ruin a whole sequence.

Combine this with the ultra low light conditions and then sudden change in light as the light filled the canyon made ramping the exposure quite difficult. To top it off the dynamic range of extreme low light to full sun (literally) in the same frame (the camera was looking up into the sun in a lot of shots) made getting the exposure perfect a big challenge. Everything was shot on manual as any change in light would cause the camera to go crazy causing a massive amount of flicker. Particularly when the sun shines making the camera think that I was in a bright environment. This meant I had to control the sequence from start to finish. These continually changing lighting conditions kept me running back and forward up and down the canyon changing settings whilst the cameras worked away.

I think the effort was worth it, and hopefully this video inspires that same sense of wonder I have about this magical planet. Sorry I couldn't put in any hyperlapse sequences I just couldn't physically carry any more gear in! Next summer I will!

The Blue Mountains west of Sydney in NSW Australia has one of the most intricate canyon systems on the planet. Deep inside these magnificent and ancient wonders is a green world of absolute perfection. Pure water, towering moss covered walls and a seemingly endless array of waterfalls are something that words will never convey the beauty of.

At the right time of the day magic happens, as warm sunlight shines into these cool canyons causing the mossy walls to steam into a mist that fills the canyon. The sunlight hits this mist, diffuses and causes a glow that bathes the massive rock walls in a mystical glowing light. The colour changes from green to a sparkling gold and light dances around the chamber walls, ever changing and ever beautiful.

Getting into these canyons require careful preparation, training and specialist equipment. I have a deep love of this canyon in particular as she is like a faithful old companion.

My first ever canyon, and my first ever expedition some 14 years ago was this canyon. I went in with my wife. I had the right gear but lacked the experience and respect that this unique environment requires. I ended up trapped inside for two days after we missed the exit. Forcing to overnight in the cool months of late autumn in a short-sleeve, wet, wetsuit with no food and risk of hypothermia was a scary experience. Whilst shivering in a small under cover cut out in the rain on the canyon wall wondering if the rain would cause the water to rise enough to reach us was one of those moments you consider your fragility as a human.

What I did notice though was the intricate beauties of this magical world. Millions of glow worms lit up the canyon walls making it a sparkling universe of stars.

Overcoming this challenge that the canyon gave us, was almost like we were forced to respect it. My wife never canyoned again, but I came straight back to this canyon. That spiritual feeling that I have inside this magical world after overcoming such a major challenge makes this canyon so much more special. It was like it didn't allow me to truly appreciate it, until I respected it. Of all the canyons I have done since that time, no canyon feels so mysterious, foreboding, powerful, cold, warm, and safe, all at once. I visit her regularly now and far more than any other canyon The only word that can describe for this pristine place is 'love.'

It is because of this love and respect that don't want to give away the name. Those that recognise where the footage is shot... shhh! :)

Be safe people. Live by the cliché.
"Take nothing but photos, leave nothing but footprints"
Help preserve the last few remaining truly wild places this planet has left.

Tread lightly.
Time Lapse are located in Brisbane, QLD shooting Australia Wide

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