‎" I have chooses to choose a video pertaining to Volkan Ergen video which is accordingly Image moving. Moreover not of concern I asked him for the permission. “Ocpdocpd” Which funny and strange name for a sequence. But when it is a question of representing a scene of passage between the life and death, of spirituality is not it strange not to manage to include/understand the borders of comprehension. To include/understand is to translate then do not include/understand.
This video I feel there this duality of the man only crushed by the Nature which sometimes is consumed by it. Something of spiritual. It is the body of a woman lost in the Forest. The spirit of a woman lost in a passage. I feel there in the same way by the effect of the scene reversed like the effects of the LSD or drugs of illusions. Let us be us lost? Let us be us in fright? All this could be a fright, a dance towards this covered heart of blue painting. And this act makes me recall in my atlas an artist Rudolf Schwarzkogler. It in vain makes belong to the actionnists Viennese, he does not function similar more spiritual. This video it is spirituality way rite and sacrifice. A world with back and moreover can be an emissary bouquet. Suddenly at the end of this pseudo performance vis-a-vis this body in becoming to die another person appears. Magic? Beyond? In any case I do not know if it is a woman or a man or even a dream vêtue of hair of animals. The woman is made bring and left a cry which one does not hear the sound or cannot it leave or does not manage it to push a cry. It is made carry and more it disappears it becomes body and its spirit flies away, its humanity disappears. I see as in the tragedies. The heart is to become it of the woman. It becomes itself heart with sacrifice or may be that is the thing which of east was useful. Doubt the future, doubts perception. Confusion of the borders. Blue hands, bodies blue. Blue can return to Klein obviously but here that reference to the esthetics of the video, this strange and supernatural aspect. The hands blue it is the enchantment of the fairy tales can be. The truth is not the reality which one wishes to see. Hands in the air? Is this the border of this end of research? All is there to be seen. The video is mysterious. The hands blue it east can be to it imaginary gift and exchange contrary to the negative hand. Still in superposition, there are images of gulls flies from there. That makes me recall possible tales on the gulls. Can be a morals on the mortality of the bodies. This effect of kaleidoscope of these animals gives an effect all in as much mystical and fright and something of morals which could have been in the tales. And if the gulls wanted to say something on the prey as for the jackals? Animals necrophagous? Nourishing waste and meats? Can be that they will eat the heart which one saw can be the young woman? The gull it is also the traveller. The spirits fly away. The body is made transport. And the music in all that, it has something of enivrant like the effects of the LSD. Music of tale it is probable. I like the music much they are sounds of environment, rain, fire, sheet dead but also of cawing odd, odd echoes can be noises of monsters, cries of gulls…. all that makes me think of the musics of David Tudor.
All this music makes it video worrying and incomprehensible. And question atlas that evokes me Bill Viola, Mc luhan… for the effect of the rather oneiric image. But at the same time that resembles a fairy tale. Curiously why I do not know of it too anything but this oneiric universe returns the history in fairy tale. Is this can be this thing disguised with a costume of hair resembling a bear, a dream. And with this costume of hair of animal I think of the extract of an artist Alice Anderson “Beard blue”. The hairs curiously that always interested me. Not like male effect, female but for their intriguing aspect which returns to something of abnormal or why not of oedipien? I do not know why. that me fascine can be because of the animality that that to create and symbolism that that can return on the forest. Why does it hold or it them eyes of the young woman? it is really worrying. and these blue hands that always returns in force. Why this film of Alice Anderson? I find that the two universes are complementary. The hairs of this woman gives him an aspect worrying and here in this film of Volkan, it is the ensured metaphor, the transformation into an animal since in lower part of this costume a skirt resides. Is this can be the double of this young woman? a tale can be quite simply, a tale without words… "

Writer : Alizée Armet

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